A Fire Safety Engineer in Sweden:


"I have worked on fire protection design in my fire consulting work. I have done some simulations using FDS and also helped with simulations using CFX. My experience is that the most common problems in the CFD models are the time required, geometry import and alignment of grid /mesh.


At present I perform the simulation with Simtec instead. I have discovered that geometry import in Simtec is incredibly quick and easy, and that the result is good. When architect has not produced a complete 3D Auto CAD model, it is easy to self-draw the model in the free program Sketchup and import into Simtec. To adjust grid /mesh of the model doesn’t require direct work. Simtec does it automatically for the user.


With Simtec, I have simulated fire and smoke spread in a department store covering about 20 000 m2 with complicated and detailed geometry. This was previously impossible with other CFD software. The simulation involving about 4 million cells, took 36 hours on a computer which costs about 10000 Swedish krona. Previously, I had to exclude parts of the building geometry.


It has proved to give good results at validations. Simtec also gives very good simulations for thermal radiation in a way that FDS and CFX are unable to deliver.


In short, I will henceforth use Simtec for fire simulations."